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About this site

This web site ( ) and many others run on free (open-source) software. For details on the tools used see below:



Dell PowerEdge 2950 2U server.

The host is a 2U dell server with 6 internal 2TB drives.


VMWare vSphere 5.5

This site's server runs VMware vSphere 5.5 (ESXi 5.5) on the above hardware.



Primary VMware storage is currently based on SmartOS Cloud operating system using the built-in ZFS based storage sub-system. ZFS in the Global zone is used for storage, with NFS enabled on each ESXi share. SmartOS is based on Illumos ( a fork of now defunct OpenSolaris ). SmartOS runs on a Dell 2970 III server with 2 CPU, 32GB RAM , 6x 2T SAS drives , and 2 x Intel 320 SSD drives. The Intel drives are Single-Level-Cell (SLC) technology to maximize write cycle durability and also have built-in super caps to insure writes complete during a power failure event. SmartOS runs from an internal USB flash drive, so all 6 SAS drives are fully available to the Zpool storage.

Nexenta SDS"

Primary storage was previously provided by Nexenta Software Defined Storage appliance running as a VM on ESXi. Because of the large amount of RAM required for caching, the storage appliance was moved to a separate physical server and ZFS migrated to the open source SmartOS system which doesn't have licensing restrictions.

Thecus N8800
Thecus SAN

Secondary / backup storage is provided by an 12TB Thecus rack-mount supporting both iSCSI and NFS


Operating System

Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu Linux

This site runs on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (LTS) virtual machines.

Web/Proxy Server

Apache 2

This site uses Apache2 as a reverse-proxy server for security and URL rewriting.

Application/Portal Server

Plone2 running on Zope

This site uses the Open Source Plone2 content management system running on Zope.


Postgresql Icon
PostgreSQL Database

This site uses PostgreSQL as the client/server database.

Email ListServ

Mailman Icon
Mailman Email Listserv

The Mailman listserv is use for email discussion lists.




This site uses modified stylesheets from the excellent Mozilla.Org website.